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We are making sure your items will be picked up and delivered safe and discreetly at your preferred time. Privacy and personal contact are important to us. 

Delivered with class and style.


1 - Request of

the consumer. 


4 - Payment.


How does this work? We’re sending you a  payment request through WhatsApp. Payment has to be done before delivery.

How does it work?

2 - Ordering with Byondo. 

 How does this work? We do our communication through WhatsApp  - we like to keep it simple. Specific question? You can always reach us by phone.  You can find our contact details here

 What information do we need? Contact details, pick-up- and delivery address and what needs to be delivered. 


5 - Delivery.

The driver will pick-up and deliver your package.  When the package is out for delivery, you will get notified.


3 - Delivery information.

We will give you the exact price and pick-up/delivery time. 

How does it work?
Some of our deliveries beyond the door.
About us
About us
Byondo is a premium delivery service that works with specially selected and trained drivers. We guarantee quality and reliability. Aiming within the hour, same day, or next day, we provide a predictable delivery service that is
safe and secure. 


We only work with specially selected and trained deliverers. 


Affordable rates

Premium service for a very competitive price. 


Flexible delivery

Delivered whenever you want it. As quickly as 45 minutes.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does Byondo do? 

We’re a high-end delivery company that delivers your package - from fashion to flowers and from delicacies to homeware  

- safe and discreet. Aiming within the hour, same day, or next day, we provide a predictable delivery service, both business and private. 

What is the payment process?

We are sending you a payment request through WhatsApp (no cash).

We can pay your items in advance - we will send you the payment request before delivery.

How large can my order be?

There is no limit to this. However, extra costs will be charged for larger/heavier packages. Our deliverers work solo, so keep this in mind when it comes to large products/deliveries. We work with electric Cargo scooters (Triple), for smaller orders in the city center and with delivery vans (Mercedes Vito) for larger and further deliveries.

Where does Byondo deliver? 

Byondo is an Amsterdam based company, but we deliver across the whole Benelux. Any other special deliveries? You can always send us an email. 

When will my order arrive? 

Within 45 minutes, we can have your order picked-up and delivered*. Of course, you can also have a specific requested time or day .

*Within the ring of Amsterdam (A10).

What are the different delivery options? 

You can have products shipped or picked up. Returning products or making purchases is also a possibility at Byondo. If you have any questions about our services, you can always reach out. 

What are the costs?

Within the ring of Amsterdam (A10)*, we are charging a fixed rate of €15,- including taxes. Outside the ring of Amsterdam, we’re working with price on request. 


*Amsterdam-Noord excluded.

Who are our team members? 

Our team consists of  specially selected and trained deliverers. Our representative deliverers will do everything in their power to deliver your order as discreetly as possible. Both privacy and personal contact are very important at Byondo and our deliverers carry this mission as well. Do you want to join our team? Please send an email to

Where does the name Byondo come from?

The name Byondo comes from the word 'beyond’; this stands for ‘beyond delivery’. We offer a service that is not comparable to other delivery services, because we are taking the delivery process one step further. 

Get in touch

+31 6 2808 8689

Panamalaan 5G

1019 AS Amsterdam

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